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Aiden Maloy

Aiden Maloy blessed our 2012 race with a great need. He was a three year old boy who was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer. The cancer was named WILMS TUMOR and he lost one of his kidneys to the disease. Proceeds from the 2012 race went toward helping him and his family with his medical expenses. Your support was greatly appreciated and we ask that you continue to keep Aiden and  his family in your prayers. The 2012 race raised $38,000 for the Maloy family and we had over 830 participants. 

Update...october 2013


From Robert & Nora (Aiden's parents) - "We are so excited to share that Aiden is doing great!! He has now been off treatment for 6 months. We had a CT scan on September 25th and the results were normal. He will continue to get scans and ultrasounds every 3 months per his treatment plan.  He has been very active and loving life. It is amazing how far he has come in the last year. We look forward to the Thanksgiving Trot!!"

update...september 2014


"We love that it is the time of year for another blessing. Aiden is now 2 years out from diagnosis and has been all clear.  We are learning to manage his Type I Diabetes as a family.  He now wears an insulin pump and glucose monitor.  Aiden attends Coder Academy Pre-K and LOVES it.  He has been playing soccer and makes friends everywhere he goes.  We can't wait to see you this Thanksgiving!"                   -The Maloy Family