Lauren Barnhart Reed

In November 2010, Lauren was diagnose with stage four Clear Cell Sarcoma, which is such a rare form of cancer that she is one of only ten cases in the United States.  She underwent three surgeries over the next eight weeks, removing tumors from her liver and small bowel, then was declared cancer free in January 2011.

Almost three years later, after giving birth to her daughter, doctors found that the cancer was back in her liver and had spread to her hip, lung and later her spine. Lauren's cancer doesn't respond to traditional chemo or treatments, but after an overwhelming amount of prayers and support, God opened ever door she needed. She was immediately accepted at MD Anderson to meet with a clinical trail doctor that put her in the very last spot in a trial that has been keeping the tumors from growing and spreading for the last two years. Doctors hope that this trail will give Lauren, at the most 2-5 years, for a new treatment to be discovered. Until then, Lauren will continue traveling to MD Anderson every six weeks for scans, along with appointments with her local oncologist and specialists every three weeks. 

This will be a lifelong battle for Lauren and her family, and they feel overwhelmingly blessed to have the prayers, love and support of so many. Lauren has an incredible faith in the Lord, and will continue to pray for complete healing. Psalm 71:14 says, "But as for em, I will always have hope." To read more about Lauren and stay updated on her progress, you can like her Facebook page "Love for Lauren Barnhart Reed".