Dylan Hancock

In September 2012, Dylan Hancock, an Aledo High School student, was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy which casued irreparable damage to his heart. He was admitted to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston and was taken into the Transplant Program. Praise be to God, he received his life-saving heart transplant on August 4, 2013. Dylan was in need of a home that would be appropriate and suitable for a post-heart transplant recipient to live in. We partnered with Aledo Children's AdvoCats, Hearts of Hope for Dylan and the Business Development Group of Aledo to raise funds for "The Hancock House of Hope". With the help of this great community Dylan got his new home and construction was completed in March 2014. 

update...september 2014

From Rob Helms - "Dylan is doing  very well, his one year biopsy results were good.  The doctors in Houston continue to make the necessary and expected medication adjustments and Dylan continues to learn to manage life as a heart transplant recipient.  He has lost a lot of the weight gained as a result of medications and is engaged in more and more activities as time goes on.  School is going well and he is meeting his goals and receiving good grades for his efforts.  The family has settled into their new home and have added a new member, Chloe, a mix breed herding dog that keeps them from wandering off.  The Hancock family is excited about this years Thanksgiving Trot and looking forward to participating."


update...september 2015


 From Rob Helms - "Dylan is doing well, better now after a recent two week stay at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.  As with all transplant recipients, there is a continuous effort to monitor rejection levels and because of a suppressed immune system, he has to fight the occasional infection.  He is focused on finishing high school this year and barring any unforeseen set backs, he should be able to get that done.  Dylan has begun to consider what he will do after high school and is exploring the vocational school options.  He feels blessed to be alive, is thankful for the gift of life and encourages everyone to be an organ donor."